Happy Makar Sankranti Importance

Importance of Happy Makar Sankranti | Different methods of celebration

Unlike several festivals of Indian people, Makar Sankranti does not depend on the moon’s position, but it depends on the location of the Sun. On the Happy Makar Sankranti, the sun gets the entrance into the Zodiac signs.

The day of the Sankranti postpones by one day after every eighty years compensating for the difference that is present due to the rotation around the Sun. In the current period, it comes on the January 14th.

Happy Makar Sankranti

Happy Makar Sankranti

History behind Makar Sankranti

People consider Happy Makar Sankranti a Deity. A legend murdered Sanakarasur which is a demon. Karidin or Kinkrant is the day followed by Makar Sankranti. On the festival day, Devi (female deity) slaved Kinkarasur.

Information of Makar Sankranti

The information of the Makar Sankranti is accessible in Panchang. The Hindu Almanac, Panchang gives all the information on the age, form, direction of movement and clothing of Sankranti. All the information provided by Panchang is suitable for the changes that take place.

Importance of Makar Sankranti

The day from which the movement of the Sun initiates in the northward is the Happy Makar Sankranti.   The time from the entrance of the Sun to the Zodiac signs to Makar Sankranti is renowned as Dakshinayan.

People who get died in this period have more chances of going to the southward region, Yamalok as compared to the people who die in the northward region, Uttarayan.

The most important significance of Makar Sankranti is the spiritual practice. From the morning to the evening, on the occasion of Happy Makar Sankranti, the environment has increased Chaitanya; therefore the spiritual practice can take advantage from the Chaitanya.

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Happy Makar Sankranti

Happy Makar Sankranti

Methods of the celebration of Makar Sankranti

1.on the day of Happy Makar Sankranti has the most significant benefit by taking a holy plunge in the river. The time is crucial for the people from the rise of the sun till the sun sets.  A dive during the day has great importance for the people. The people who take a plunge in the rivers of Kaveri, Krishna, Godavari, Yamuna, and Ganga at the devoted places that are present on the sides of the river gain the highest merit.

2. What is the offering during the occasion?  It is an auspicious period from Makar Sankranti to Rathsaptami. People donate during the period. Their meritorious deeds and donations prove valuable during the opening.

Do people also offer various substances? People provide new clothing, vessels, sesame seeds, food, jaggery, a pot of seeds, a horse, a cow, land or gold. It depends on the person ability that how much he can donate.

On the day, the women who are married also do some offerings. The women exchange things with the girls and offer them jaggery and sesame seeds. The women also arrange a ceremony of applying turmeric and vermillion to the forehead (Haldi-kumkum), and they also give gifts to other ladies.

3.what is the significance of the Haldi-Kumkum ceremony on Happy maker Sankranti festival by married women? When women celebrate the tradition by having saffron and turmeric powder, it is a method of provoking the waves to get accelerated. It assists in making the Sagun’s impression. The several steps in Haldi Kumkum Ceremony involve:

Apply Haldi Kumkum: married women whose husband is alive is applicable for Haldi Kumkum Ceremony. It helps to enhance the Sri Durgadevi principal in her and grants other women to apply the same.

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Happy Makar Sankranti

Happy Makar Sankranti


Apply some perfume: all the married women apply perfumes and fragrances for a short period and grants other women as well.

Sprinkle rose water: the rose water consist of the fragrant waves that purify the environment on the day of Happy Makar Sankranti. The women who sprinkle rose water get multiple benefits according to the Deity Principle.

Offer a gift: female give presents to each other attached to the pallu of their sari. Presenting an award to other married woman means to surrender to the divinity of her through wealth, mind, and body sacrifices.

What should women gift to one another? Women do not gift the commodities such as plastic items or soap, but they give presents like CDs on spiritual topics, Holy and religious texts, Ubtan, pictures of Deity and incense sticks.
Small mud pots: the occasion of Happy Makar Sankranti need small cups of muds called Sugad.


Women add turmeric powder and vermillion in them and then tie them with a thread or rope. They fill the pots with jujube fruits, carrots, pods, sugarcane pieces, chickpeas, cotton, Vermillion, sesame seeds with jaggery, turmeric powder and many more things. There are five pots placed on a seat made of wood, people draw a rangoli around the wooden seat, and they worship. Of the five bowls, people offer three to the married women. They offer one to the plant of Tulsi, and they place one as retained.

Happy Makar Sankranti – the Subtle effect of Sesame

4. What is the use of sesame seeds? During the Sankranti festival, there is the maximum usage of sesame seeds. In addition to sesame seeds, there is eating and distributing a sweet dish made from the seeds of sesame called Tilgul.

People offer the sesame to Brahmans, light up their lamps in the oil of sesame and place the bulbs in Lord Shiva temple and also perform a rite for their departed forefathers in which they give the offering along with the sesame seeds.

Happy Makar Sankranti

Happy Makar Sankranti

Importance of sesame seeds:
People prefer to use the sesame seeds because they think that the sesame seeds will remove all their sins on the Happy Makar Sankranti festival.

They perform all their tasks with the sesame like they use the sesame oil to their body, they take a bath in water that they mix with the seeds of the sesame, they drink water that involves the sesame seeds, they perform an offering which includes the sesame seeds and they use the seeds for multiple other tasks as well. Consuming the sesame seeds in the winter is beneficial for them.


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