Makar Sankranti Kite

There are many festivals which are celebrated in India. Makar Sankranti Kite is also one of them. This is one of the most popular Hindu Festival which is celebrated with a lot of zeal and zest. It is celebrated in spring and is associated with different traditions. The most integral part of this festival is to make Sweets, Fly kites and to take Holy Dip in Rivers. They also celebrate this day by exchanging sweets and Greeting. Another festival which is just like as Makar Sankranti is Karka Sankranti. There is a reason why people fly kites on this Day? 14th January is the day of Makar Sankranti, and 16th July is the day of Karka Sankranti. Hindus considered these days as a single day for the god.

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makara sanskrit kite

makara sanskrit kite

Now a question comes in every mind that why we fly a kite on the occasion of Makar Sankranti Kite? The answer is that this festival comes at the end of winter and on the Harvest season. People fly kites since from the morning. These kites are very colorful and beautiful. Most of the people believe that this season brought a lot of germs and diseases due to which people suffer from flu and like other illness. So they fly kites with the hope that by doing this they will get rid of the problems as well as diseases. People fly kites to make this occasion more funny and memorable.

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makara sanskrit kite

makara sanskrit kite

Most of the people consider this act of fly kite as a way to say thanks to god. They also think that this is also a way to awake the god because they are sleeping and taking rest. Nowadays this act is becoming very popular as well as serious. In Gujrat, this festival is becoming very popular among people. Whenever the International Kite Festival celebrates people from all over the world participate in it. They start preparations for many days and sometimes many months.

The Tourism Corporation of Gujrat mentioned that the International Kite Festival in Gujrat was attempting to enter the Guinness World Records Book due to the participation of 42 countries in 2012.

The main cities of Gujrat like Surat, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Rajkot, and Hyderabad. But the main center of the festival in Ahmedabad.  Sabarmati Riverfront or the Ahmedabad Police Stadium where people lay down to see the sky filled with thousands of kites. 15th January is known as Vasi Uttarayan.

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makara sanskrit kite

makara sanskrit kite

Kite festival has been strongly influenced by its International Participants, in the recent events for instance:

1: the USA brought giant banner kites

2: Italy brought Italian sculptural kites

3: Chinese brought Flying Dragon Kites

Many popular dancers, singers, actors, and politicians also participate in this occasion. Even in 2004 Bollywood Actress, Juhi Chawla was the part of the celebration and also perform a Garba which is a popular dance.

Kites are an integral part of the culture of Asia. Following are some Popular Kites Festival of the world:

1: Jakarta Kite Festival in Pangandaran

2: China Kite Festival Called Weifang International Kite Festival

3: Japan kite Festival in Uchinada, Ishikawa

4: Indonesia Kite Festival in Bali Island, Bali Kite Festival

5: United-Kingdom Kite Festival in Bristol city, Bristol International Kite Festival










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